Julie Du Pont

Senior Assistant Director of Admission
Julie Du Pont

Hometown: Wayne, PA

Education: M.Ed., Higher Education Administration, University of Virginia; B.A., Psychology, University of Richmond

Sheetz or Wawa? Wawa, no question. This is a point of contention in our office but we all know what the real winner is.

Favorite person/celebrity to follow on social media? Hilary Duff. I will love Lizzie McGuire forever.

Favorite sports team? Philadelphia Phillies circa 2008.

Belle Isle or Pony Pasture? Belle Isle — it has amazing views of the city!

What is the most embarrassing fashion trend in which you've taken part? Skorts. If you don't know what these are, Google them and have a laugh.

What is the coolest feature or piece of architecture on campus?

The Gottwald Atrium ceiling is beautiful!

What is one piece of advice you’d give students for the college search/application process?

Many times we are asked, “What will make my application stand out at UR?” And truly, there is not one specific answer. Make sure to craft an application that shows us who you are as a student and as a person— but be authentic!

Is there a particularly memorable recruitment story you’d like to share?

The night before I was supposed to leave for spring travel, my roommate accidentally locked me out. I had to be at the airport at 4 a.m. and my suitcase and passport were still inside, so let’s just say I was desperate. I eventually had to enlist the help of a friend who climbed a tree, jumped to my second-floor porch, and went inside to unlock my front door for me. I also injured my foot in the process of trying to break into my own apartment, so I was walking with a cane during my entire recruitment trip. But hey, I made that early-morning flight!

Why should students check out Richmond?

There are ample opportunities for experiential learning here. You do not just learn in the classroom. You learn by connecting service in the greater Richmond area to your academic knowledge, holding leadership positions in student organizations, working internships and research positions, living with a host family abroad, participating in a Living-Learning program — the list is infinite. Faculty and staff help connect you to these experiences, and the university helps to fund many of them.

What is your favorite UR tradition, and why?

Midnight Munchies. As a study break during finals, D-Hall opens late at night and supplies food and a DJ. It is so much fun!

If you had to put together a “Richmond Top 5” (experiences from your college years), what would they be?

1. Meeting my best friends on my first-year hall. In reality, any moment with my friends could be on this “Richmond Top 5” list.

2. Participating in the Step Show (twice!)

3. Studying abroad in Madrid, Spain.

4. Visiting Richmond-area high schools and meeting students as part of my Education and Society minor. Those types of experiential learning opportunities have stuck with me.

5. Seeing President Obama speak on campus.