Wait List Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the University of Richmond! To accept your position on our wait list, please respond online through your Spider Portal by April 15.
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  • How is the wait list determined?

    Due to the size and competitive nature of our applicant pool, as well as the size of our first-year class, many talented students are not offered admission each year. Students offered a place on the wait list have been identified by the committee as bright, interesting candidates whom we are eager to have in our community if space becomes available.

  • Is there a specific percentage of students you choose from the wait list? What are my chances of admission?
    No, there is no specific percentage. Each year, the number of students who accept our initial offer of admission determines whether and to what extent we use the wait list. We have extended admission offers to students on our wait list each year for the last five years, admitting between 28 and 113 students.

    Because each year is different, it is impossible to predict the chances for an individual candidate.
  • Am I ranked on the wait list?
    No. Once we determine that we can use the wait list, we re-evaluate the applications of those who have indicated their interest in being considered.
  • How do you decide whom to select?
    Considering the profile of students admitted earlier in the season and our desire to build a robust and diverse class, we consider academic achievement and the various ways candidates might contribute to our campus community.
  • When will I be notified if I am selected from the wait list?
    If space becomes available in the class, we will notify you as soon as possible, but usually not earlier than May 1. You will be notified by the end of June concerning the status of the wait list.
  • If I am selected for admission, how long will I have to make a decision?
    If space becomes available, we will notify selected students by phone and subsequently by a written confirmation of our invitation to join the class. If you have applied for need-based financial aid, you will hear from the Financial Aid Office within three days. We will ask you to commit by sending a deposit within seven days.

    Any student who accepts an offer of admission from the wait list and enrolls at the University of Richmond must immediately cancel their enrollment at any other college or university. Richmond reserves the right to rescind its offer of admission to any student who remains enrolled concurrently at the University of Richmond and another postsecondary institution.
  • The University of Richmond is my first choice. What impact may that have on my outcome?
    Richmond is interested in selecting students from the wait list who have a sincere desire to enroll. While a student’s academic record is the major criterion for admission to the University, we also may consider a student’s level of interest in Richmond when making selections from the wait list. If Richmond is your first choice, you should make that known to the Office of Admission.
  • Should I submit additional letters of recommendation?
    We welcome additional academic information (third quarter or second trimester grades and/or recent standardized testing), though such new material is not required. Additional letters of recommendation will not be considered in our decision.
  • Should I plan to visit Richmond?

    If a visit to campus would help you confirm whether you are still interested in Richmond, you are welcome to come. Students who do not visit, however, will not be disadvantaged in the selection process. 

    You can review our visit options here.

  • May I have an interview?
    No. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer interviews to students on the wait list.
  • Should I deposit at another college?
    Yes. To secure your college enrollment, you should reserve a space in the first-year class of a college that most closely fits your academic and social needs by the National Candidate Reply date of May 1 or by the institution’s posted enrollment deadline.
  • Are you need-blind in admission decisions for students admitted from the wait list?
    While we are need-blind in Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision, we reserve the right to be need-aware for students on the wait list.
  • Does being admitted from the wait list affect my financial aid package?
    If you met our need-based financial aid application deadline and are eligible for need-based aid, you will receive a financial aid package that fully meets your demonstrated need. Educational loans, student employment, and our deferred payment plan are also available. Students admitted from the wait list are not eligible for merit scholarships since these awards will have already been offered.
  • If I am offered admission, will I receive on-campus housing?
    We have historically been able to house all incoming first-year students.
  • I don’t need on-campus housing. Will this enhance my chances of being accepted?
    No, this will will not enhance your chances of being accepted.
  • May I be considered for spring term admission?
    No. Richmond admits first-year students for fall terms only.
  • I am no longer interested in Richmond. Is there anything I have to do?
    We ask that you respond online in your Spider Portal and let us know what college you will attend (for our internal reference only).